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  • Hotel Meyer Mullerthal Luxembourg
    Unique rock formations along the Mullerthal-Trail

    Pure nature

    Form relaxing walks to challenging hikes

    Our Hotel is directly connected to the various Hiking paths of the Mullerthal Trail. Beaufort is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

    The Mullerthal Trail leads the experienced hiker over 110 km(70 miles) through a marvelous hill and rock landscape. Some of the astonishing rock formations were given bizarre names by the population, such as the Piteschkummer, the Geyerslay or the Hohllay.

    Hiking paths in the Mullerthal are leading through an intact environment of forests and meadows. Besides the challenging hike routes, the Mullerthal provides variety of walking paths, with the same breathtaking panoramas.

    On the following website you can find additional information of the paths and wandering routes:

    Website Mullerthal-Trail:

    Website Region Mullerthal:

    We are pleased to provide personalised hints for your walking tour.